“Big Data – Big Business”-project combines technology and business perspectives

Ari Alamäki, Haaga-Helia, 24.8.2017

In this year, we started a new project “BIG DATA – BIG BUSINESS” financed by TEKES. The project aims to increase academic and practical knowledge on the use of big data in new digital business creation. In addition, the project enhances the capabilities of Finnish companies to identify new local and international business opportunities through the utilisation of big data. Now, after the summer break and the planning period of last spring, we are really going forward.

The approach of the project to big data utilisation is to combine data-centric and business-driven perspectives. Thus, we are not purely focusing on technologies or just customer perspective, but we try to combine these two viewpoints. Actually, there could be three perspectives, namely customer behavior, companies’ business needs and technological possibilities, in practice.
We have people with different backgrounds, and professional and academic experiences. The project comprises of a multidisciplinary team consisting of researchers in the fields of big data, marketing, and innovation, together with Finnish companies representing different industries.

The project uses qualitative, quantitative, experimental and participative research methods and approaches to enhance the global competitiveness and competencies of Finnish business to business companies in order to form a better understanding of the new business opportunities that could be achieved through exploitation of big data in global markets.

The research partners of the project are Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, University of Eastern Finland and VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) and company partners are Abloy, Terveystalo, Vexve, Roger Studio and HeadAI. The project works in close co-coperation with Vlerick Business School, Belgium and Reutlingen University, German.