05.06.2018 New articles in the blog section

24.5.2018 We had the steering meeting and workshop in Haaga-Helia, Pasila

28.02.2018 The article of Vivien Holecz and Lili Aunimo was published Sales lead generation using Spark and Twitter Stream

08.02.2018 Steering group meeting and workshop about "Impacts to business and ecosystems" was held in Helsinki

31.01.2018 VTT's new blog article "Business out of data in urban environments", read more

12.12.2017 Emma Pirskasen blogi-artikkeli Big data henkilöstöresurssien johtamisessa julkaistu, lue artikkeli tästä

30.11.2017 We presented our project and Open data & Big data presentation at Data Business-seminar in Helsinki

21.11.2017 Steering management meeting and workshop at Haaga-Helia.

13.11.2017 Lue Emma Pirskasen kirjoittama blogi-artikkeli Big datan roolista markkinoinnissa tästä

04.11.2017 Lue Heli Hallikaisen big data-aiheinen kolumni Karjalainen sanomalehdessä tästä

25.10.2017 Dr. Lili Aunimo, Haaga-Helia, writes in her blog article about difference between big data analytics and traditional statistical analytics, read it in Finnish

24.10.2017 The researchers of UEF published a blog article about "big datan hyödyntämisen esteet", read it in Finnish

13.10.2017 Dr. Katri Valkokari, VTT, published a blog article about big data & business, read more

02.10.2017 We presented our big data project at Nordic Business Forum side event in Helsinki

12.9.2017 Steering group meeting was held, and visit at Terveystalo for becoming familiar with their business

24.8.2017 Project meeting with researchers, nice kickoff for the sub-projects of this autumn.

7.6.2017 We had the workshop with the partner companies and researchers at Roger Studio in Ruoholahti, Hki

01.6.2017 Our project researcher Tuija Rantala was interviewed for Prometalli magazine "Big data tuli, mikä muuttui?"

11.4.2017 We published practical article in TIVI "Näin big datasta voi luoda uutta liiketoimintaa"

28.3.2017 We had a project meeting with all researchers, where we planned company sub-projects and research duties. The work continues... We have also had meetings with companies for defining details for this projects.

15.3.2017 We gave a presentation "New business from Big Data" at Tulevaisuusfoorumi (Future Forum)

25.1.2017 We had the project kick-off meeting!